Internal Examiner MEE by Taught Course

  1. Siti Sara Bt Rais, ‘Optical receiver bandwidth Enhancement Using Bootstrap Transimpedance Amplification Techniques’.
  2. Ahmad Basyir Maiteeg, ‘Modeling The Optical Free Space Feedforward Linearization System’.
  3. Amir Masood Khalid, ‘Development of Laser Free Space Feed Forward Linearization System’.
  4. Mahyuddin Arsat, ‘’Simulation and Performance Analysis of the Sub Carrier Multiplexed Radio Over Fiber System’.
  5. Farah Waheeda binti Ahmad Wahiddin,’ Implementation of MMI Structure for Optical Device using Polymer Material’.
  6. Mustafa M Khalifa Jabiry, ‘A New Design of Variable Optical Attenuator based on Multimode Interference Coupler’.
  7. Chin Ying Han,’’Atmospheric Evaluation of Free Space Optical Communication for IP Transmission’.
  8. Amjed M. Ameen.’A New Design of Hybrid Polymer-Silica MMI based Wavelength Demultiplexer’.
  9. Ferdian Yunazar, ‘Generation of the Millimeter Waves for Radio over Fiber System by using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering’.
  10. Mohd Adib Sarijari, “Design of Reconfigurable SDR Test bed Using GNU Radio and USRP’.
  11. Imran Hayat, ‘Energy Efficiency Routing Protocol (EERP) for 6loWPAN’.
  12. Farid Zubir, ‘Design of Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna’.
  13. Norfazilah Samdin, ‘Polymer based Variable Optical Attenuator Using Multimode Interference Structure’.
  14. Norsyahidatul Farah binti Nanyan, ‘A Wideband Photonic Antenna for Wireless Communication Access Network’.
  15. Norhidayu Shahila binti Abu Hassan, ’Indoor 3D Location Tracking for Device Switching using Ipv6 Network’.
  16. Desmond Chek Chang Yih, ‘Compact Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor and its Circuit Performance’.
  17. Ehsan Yousefi Mojarad, ‘Modeling and Simulation for Indoor Free-Space Optical Communication System’.
  18. Chin Ying Han, ‘Atmospheric Evaluation of Free Space Optical Communication for IP Transmission’.