Research (Project Leader)

  1. Fiber Bragg Grating pH Sensor for Remote Sensing Environmental Monitoring. RM 129,000.00. GUP (2011-2013)   
  2. A Study of  Visible of Free Space Optic VFSO & Broadband Power line communication (BPLC).  RM 44,000.00 FRGS Project No. 78573 (2010-2012).       
  3. Development of Multimode Interference (MMI) coupler for variable-ratio power splitter and optimized switching. Project number 01-01-06-SF0488 Vot. No. 79289, RM246,400.00 (2008-2009).
  4. Development Of Digital Optical Switch for All Optical Cross Connect.  Project number : 01-01-06-SF0162. RM226,997.00, (Dec 2006- Nov 2008).
  5. Wavelength and Polarization Insensitive Couplers for Optical Cross-Connect. Project number : 01-01-06-SF0683. RM239,800.00 (June 2009-2010).
  6. Implementation and Evaluation of Broadband Unguided Optical Link in Malaysian Weather.  Vot Number: 71008. RM14,000.00/UPP (2000-2001).
  7. Design of a Climate Chamber to Simulate Various Atmospheric Conditions.  Vot Number: 71472. RM 19,000.00/UPP. (1999-2000).
  8. Experimental Study of Data Communication Using Infrared Wireless Optical Communication. UPP Vot. Number 71364. RM15,000.00.(1997-1999)
  9. Investigation of zero dispersion optical fiber for single mode and multimode(1994 –1996)
  10. Lightwawe communication system link(1994 – 1996).
  11. Transceiver Design for the Application of Future Optical Communication (UTM-MIMOS: 1991 – 1992).