Research Grant (Co-Researcher)

  1. Radio Frequency (RF) Front-End Design of Radio Access Point for Radio Over Fiber (ROF) Technology.             E-science Project number: 01-01-06-SF0038. RM 222,196.00, (2006-2008).
  2. Photonics Frequency Conversion For Millimeterwave Radio Over Fiber System (MMWRoF).                            E-science Project number: 01-01-06-SF0064. RM221,395.00. (2006- 2008).
  3. RF Front-End Design Of Radio Access Point For Radio Over Fiber.                                                                            MOSTI-EScience, Vot Number: 79022. RM 222,196.00. (2006-2008).
  4. Optical Free Space Feed Forward Linearization System.                                                                              E-science Project number: 01-01-06-SF0360. RM 276,660.00.(2007-2009).
  5. Bandwidth Enhancement Using Bootstrap Transimpedance Amplification Technique for Free-Space Optical Front-End Receiver.                                                                                                                                                  MOHE-FRGS, Vot Number: 78203. RM130,000.00. (2007-2009).
  6. Development of Photonic Switch for High Speed Communication Network.                                                            IRPA. Vot Number: 72285. RM 173,850.00. (2000-2001).
  7. Photonic Switch Development for All-Optical Network.                                                                                         Vot Number: 72317. RM 2,151,040.00 (Top-Down National Project–IRPA). (2000-2002).
  8. Photonic Switch Development for All-Optical Network                                                                                           RM 1,200,000.00 (Top-Down National Project–IRPA). (2005-2007).
  9. Polymer Based Optical Waveguide.                                                                                                                     Vot Number: 74211. RM 1,000,000.00 (Top-Down National Project–IRPA).(2000-2004).
  10. MEMS Based Optical Devices.                                                                                                                           IRPA Vot Number: 74211. RM 600,000.00. (2004-2006).
  11. Performance of DC transmission insulation under the adverse environmental condition primarily due to sea air borne contaminants                                                                                                                                                       IRPA Vot Number: 72026. RM 163,400.00. (1996 – 1999).
  12. Development and Applications of Low Bit Rate Fiber Optic Video System for Multimedia Applications.                   British Council/CICHE.  (1998-2000).
  13. Optical Time Division Multiplexing for Optical Communication System.                                                                                FRGS, Vot Number: 78025, RM 15,000.00. (2006-2009).
  14. Multimode Interference Based Variable Optical Attenuator Using Sol-Gel Processing Technique                          Project Number: 01-01-06-SF0656, RM 206,800.00. (April 2009-Sept 2010).
  15. Design and evaluation of low bit rate fiber optic video system for multimedia application.                                      Vot Number: 71010. RM 15,000.00/UPP. (1996-1998).
  16. Development of a Traditional Food Packaging Machine.                                                                                                             Vot Number: RM 14,300, UPP/UTM (1996 - 1997).