Ph. D supervision

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  2. Mohd Jaya Abdullah, ‘Atmospheric Propagation For Free Space Optical Transmission System’ (2012 – Graduated)
  3. Ian Yulianti, “Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor for Remote Sensing Environmental Monitoring” (2009 - active)
  4. Samura Ali, “Data Encryption and Security”,  (2009 - active)
  5. Ehsan Alavi, Integrated VFSO and BPLC (2009 - active)
  6. Mohd Shahril Abdullah, “Bandwidth Management in WDM PON for Future Access Network”  (PhD Industry, 2011 - active)
  7. Hoda Rezaie, “Modelling of Wireless Body Area Network for Human Healthcare (2011 - active)
 Master by research supervision
  1. Ian Yulianti, “Digital Optical Switch for Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer” (2008 – Graduated)
  2. Arnidza Ramli, “Bandwith Enhancement Technique for Wireless Front-End Optical Receiver” (Co-supervisor, 2009 - Graduated)
  3. Mohd Hanipah Muda, “Single-mode and Multimode Fiber with Multi-Core in LAN Environment”, (2009 – withdraw after 1 year)
  4. Farah Diana binti Mahad, ‘Optical Packet Space Switch Array Based on SOA Gates’. (2011 – Graduated)
  5. Romli Mohamad, ‘Carrier Generation Using Stimulated Brilluoin Scattering (SBS) Technique for ROF application (Co-supervisor, 2011 – Graduated)
 Master by course project supervision
  1. Hoda Rezaie, “BPLC Optimization for Integrated System of VFSO”. 2010.
  2. Fatin Hamimi Hamat @   Mustafa, ’The Effect of Atmosphere Conditions on Performance of Free Space Optic’, 2010.
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 Undergraduate project supervision (More than 100)

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